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Home Loan from LIC HFL

Post  YashuRahul on Sun Feb 17, 2013 5:01 pm

Dear All,

Since SBI was taking its own sweet time (or that is what is informed to us by Prestige) to approve our project, I decided to go ahead with LICHFL for home loan for my flat in PSC. I just want to share my experience with LICHFL guys which has been rather pleasant than what I had read in most of the online links. I was really skeptical earlier about going to LICHFL.

I had applied for loan around three weeks back. Since I was in touch with the LICHFL agent from quite some time, I had the list of documents ready with me when I decided to go with LICHFL for home loan. As soon as I gave all the documents, the processing for loan sanction was started immediately. There was a confusion around the processing fee (becoz the agent had told me something else and when I met their manager he was telling something else), but I was very impressed with my agent that he finally kept his word and got the permission for reduction in processing fee from his area manager. The loan was sanctioned within one week and more surprisingly I was informed (through SMS) before the sanction letter reached LICHFL office. I think now LICHFL has the competitive online applications to meet the needs of customers (although I am yet to check their website for the tracking of my loan as I will get my loan account number only after my loan is disbursed).

Once the sanction was done, I submitted all the docs for disbursement (there are two separate sets of documents for sanction and disbursement) and the disbursement is going to happen next week sometime (as informed by my agent).

Another thing to mention here is their customer service. All these things happened without any hassles as all the documents were collected by my agent who was always happy to come down to my house (or send his office boy) to collect the documents. This was really important for a person like me who works in IT sector and has very little time to spare on anything which is not in daily routine. The only time that I visited LICHFL office (brigade road head office, Eva Mall) was for KYC which is mandatory as per LICHFL policy/guidelines. But that also did not take more than 10-15 mins.

Overall I was impressed and satisfied with the service and promptness shown by LICHFL agent and would surely recommend him if anyone else is planning to apply for home loan with LICHFL.

I believe I got a good deal also with LICHFL as I went with their recently launched "Bhagyalakshmi" scheme which, as per LICHFL, is a limited period scheme. In this scheme, it is fixed ROI for first 2 years @ 10% and then onwards it will be floating as per then existing norms of LICHFL.

In case anybody wants to go ahead with home loan of LICHFL and wants to contact my agent, here is his contact number:

Name : Sathya Prasad
Mobile: 9945691431

Disclaimer: The above write up is purely my personal views and not influenced by anyone :-).



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Home Loan from LIC HFL

Post  goyalnav2002 on Sun Feb 17, 2013 7:54 pm

+ 1.

I also had a very similar experience with LICHFL and happy with the services of Sathya. He is very professional and straight forward guy.


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