Regarding Cauvery Water Connection to PSC

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Regarding Cauvery Water Connection to PSC

Post  YashuRahul on Wed Mar 05, 2014 3:11 pm

Hi Friends,

It looks like our area also have receieved the Cauvery water connection.

But when I spoke to PSC guys (Pavithra and Neeraj), the response from the guys is vague.

I have friends in Adarsh Palm retreat who have active Cauvery water supply.
Also Nitesh Cape Cod (Bellandur) have mentioned in their Brochure that Cauvery water connection would be provided to kitchen!!!
Both projects in ORR

Can you guys also speak to Prestige and understand how the connection would be provided and what as flatholders we need to do to acquire this connection without fail.

As you all are aware, water problems are at peak in Bangalore and we need to do everything possible to get the good drinking water for ourselves (for other purposes we all are ware we need to depend on tankers)

Also are any of you aware of how many bores have been dug and how are the water levels there?

Pavithra usually do not have answers to these kind of queries....



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